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The Global Digital Asset (GDA) Group of Companies is a financial institution for the modern economy.


The GDA Group is one of the first and most established blockchain firms in North America. The group, originally founded in Toronto, has expanded globally with offices in London and Hong Kong and consists of several firms focused in diverse areas of the blockchain and digital asset industries.

To date, the GDA Group has advised Fortune 500 companies and global governments, has invested into some of the leading players in multiple industry niches, and continues to lead the industry.

The GDA Group of Companies has team members and partners around the world in all key financial and digital asset hubs, all focused on contributing towards the vision of making digital assets and blockchain technology mainstream in their region. Developing long-term strategic partnerships is a top priority of the GDA Group.

The GDA Group of Companies provides

Fully integrated blockchain capital markets solutions offering a broad spectrum of services.

An experienced executive team able to draw upon the Group’s resources to develop creative solutions for our clients and partners.​

A recognized leader in early stage venture capital, enterprise partnerships, digital asset trading, treasury management.

Expert in venture incubation, and identifying new trends to commercialize such as the Metaverse, NFTs and DeFi.

An asset management business, which has a very experienced traditional finance and decentralized finance management team and consistently has some of the highest returns across any in the digital asset space.

Access to emerging technologies via blockchain capital markets

GDA Group

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