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GDA Group of Companies

The Global Digital Asset (GDA) Group of Companies is a financial institution for the modern economy. 



The GDA Group is one of the first and most established blockchain firms in North America. The group, originally founded in Toronto and New York City, has expanded globally and consists of several firms focused in diverse areas of the blockchain and digital asset industries including capital markets, digital asset offerings & capital formation, trading & liquidity, consulting, development and other related services.

To date, the GDA Group has consulted Fortune 500 companies and global governments, worked on over 20 digital assets launches representing over 300 million dollars worth of capital raised and which now total over a billion dollars of market capitilization, and have processed over two billion dollars worth of digital asset commercial transactions. GDA Group continues to lead the industry in capital markets, consulting and trading.

The GDA Group of Companies currently has team members around the world, with each community leader focused on making blockchains mainstream in their region and the Group has given over 50,000 people their first digital assets.

The GDA Group prides itself in developing long-term strategic partnerships.

The GDA Group of Companies provides: